5 Creative Guest Book Ideas for Alternative Guest Books

A guest book is a must-have for many different types of events, including weddings, bridal showers, graduations, baby showers, birthday parties, and more. But you don't have to stick with a traditional guest book. Alternative guest books are a fun and creative way to enhance your decor and entertain your guests at the same time!

Here are 5 creative guest book ideas for inspiration, with images shared from happy customers.

1. Polaroid Guest Book / Photo Guest Book

 photo guest book
Photo guest books are a great way to make memories with your guests. Guests snap a photo, and then stick it in a memory book along with their well wishes. This is definitely one of my most popular items.

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2. World Map Guest Book

World map guest books are great for those that love travel and adventure! It makes a beautiful centerpiece for any special event. Guests sign their notes on the map, which makes for a great art piece to hang on the wall after your event.

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3. Message in a Bottle Guest Book

A Message in a Bottle guest book is fun for your guests and fun for you. Guests write their notes on paper and slip it in the bottle(s). After the event, you can open the bottle and read the notes. For weddings, the bottle(s) can be opened on your anniversary as a sweet way to celebrate and remember your special day.

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 4. Jenga Block Guest Book

Jenga block guest book

 A Jenga block guest book is a fun way to "build memories" with your guests (sorry, couldn't resist). Guests sign a Jenga block instead of a traditional guest book, creating a game which you can keep as a treasured keepsake after your event.

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5. Globe guest book

Love makes the world go round! Like the world map guest book, a globe guest book is also great for travel lovers or travel themed events. A globe guest book is a decorative center piece which looks great at your event, and is a wonderful keepsake for your home after the event.

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Hope you enjoyed this list! 

- Khari