How to create the ultimate wedding bathroom basket for your guests

Wedding bathroom baskets are a great way to welcome your guests and make them feel comfortable at your wedding. Some of your guests may be traveling a long way, and it's very common that your guests might forget something important at home, or need something to help them freshen up after dinner, dancing, etc. By providing a basket with some helpful items, you can help your guests have a great time, and feel at home at your event.

Here's some useful tips on how to create the ultimate wedding bathroom basket for your guests:

Bathroom Basket Signs

Get a fun and creative sign for your bathroom baskets

Decorate your bathroom baskets with a fun and creative sign to let your guests know they can help themselves to what they need. An Instagram / snapchat worthy sign can help take your basket decor to the next level. 

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Fill your basket with useful items for your guests


Tide pens

Stain Remover Pen to keep your guest looking sharp!
With cocktails, dinner, and dancing, some of your guests are bound to get their clothes dirty. Sometimes stains can be embarrassing, not to mention they can ruin expensive clothing (and your plans to return your clothes). Having a Tide Pen or other instant stain remover is a great well to help your guests get small stains out of their clothes so they can stay sharp. 

Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover Liquid Pen, 3 Count

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Spray on Deodorant to help your guests stay fresh!
Dancing the night away is fun, but after a while your arm pits can start to smell. Spray on deodorant is a great way to help your guests stay fresh.

Dove Spray on Deodorant
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Makeup Remover to keep your guests looking radiant
Between wedding vows, first dances, and heartfelt speeches, weddings can get pretty emotional, and there's a lot of opportunities to shed some tears--which can ruin your makeup. Makeup wipes is a great way to help your guests freshen up their makeup.

Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes
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Bobby Pins

Bobby Pins
When it comes to keeping your hair looking fresh, a little bobby pins can go a long way! Bobby pins are an essential hair item which you can include in your bathroom baskets.

 Lint Roller

Lint Rollers
With some clothes, it seems like lint just fines a way to get everywhere. Who knows how it gets there, but lint rollers are a great way to help your guests freshen up up their clothes.


Floss Sticks

Floss Sticks
Weddings are full of opportunities to take photos to remember for years to come. Floss sticks are a helpful way to help your guests smiles look their best.

Because every event is different, you can tailor your basket to best suit the location, weather, etc.

Other helpful items to include in your basket(s):

  • Bug Spray (For outdoor weddings)
  • Sunscreen (For outdoor weddings)
  • Cough Drops
  • Mints
  • Body Lotion

Hope these tips will come in handy!